I had recently broken up with my girlfriend of seven years and was in the Apophis phase of my life. All that I was had disintegrated and I was trying to piece myself back together.

I “awoke” from a dream to find myself standing in my bedroom. It was dark and everything was as it should be. A couple of things were different this time from the last. When I looked to my right, I could see myself lying on the bed fast asleep. This was my first indicator that something was a bit odd. However, I had done some reading about astral projection and had even made some pitiful attempts at it, so I wasn’t totally shocked.

One thing that was odd was the feelings I had. I felt very depressed and my head was spinning. It was like I was experiencing an exorbitant amount of stress but I didn’t know what it was about. I tried to brush the feeling off and experiment a little bit with my astral body. I looked at things and I remember them seeming a little distorted as if I had on glasses that were the wrong prescription. But it wasn’t very extreme and I could verify that minute details such as pens and papers were in their correct places on the desk. I also observed that I was unable to read any of the papers.

I decided to get a bit bolder and see if I could walk outside and view things that I would have no way of knowing. This would be ‘proof’ of the experience for myself. I successfully moved the vertical blinds aside covering the picture window to the back patio when I was shocked to observe a man sitting in one of the chairs on the patio staring directly into my room!

He had no expression on his face. He was a man in his thirties, I would guess. The chair he sat in was one of those cheap plastic ones and it had previously been stacked on a pile of three others. He had placed the chair precisely where he wanted it.

At that instant I somehow knew that he was the source of all the emotional torment I was experiencing. I had a samurai sword on the top of my entertainment center. Without hesitation, I withdrew into the room, grabbed, and unsheathed the sword. In one motion, I open the door and the blinds and swung with intent to behead the man. Alas, he was gone!

I looked to my left and noticed my old buddy Jason standing quite nonchalantly on the patio. “Where did the man go who was here?” I asked. “I thought he might be bothering you, so I ran him off.” Quite disappointed, I lowered the sword and returned into the room. I don’t recall going back into normal dream state, nor do I recall waking immediately.

Looking back on the experience, I believe that I may have again come across another sentient being in the astral. I also believe that he read my mind and assumed the form of my friend to avoid taking damage. I have concluded from this that damage suffered in the astral plane is very real and astral entities are quite aware of this.

As for my waking life after this experience, things went very well. I got over the extreme emotional hardship of the breakup in record time and had an extremely easy time finding who I really was (and am).