Visiting Grandma

This experience occurred after I had moved to Dallas at the age of twenty-two. My personal development had advanced greatly and I decided to practice astral projection using the techniques described by Denning and Phillips. I had been practicing daily for about two weeks. The sessions were very frustrating. I was able to leave my body and look around fine, but my mind was split between the two bodies. I couldn’t seem to get it to “snap out” like what I had experienced before.

Like the times before, I was asleep when I felt a strange sensation and then I suddenly landed in a waking state. The experience of projection was easier to remember this time. I assume this was a result of the practice. It took no time for me to realize exactly what was happening.

I found myself in a hallway. I was also in a doorway, but I didn’t look in the room beyond. Instead I was facing on the hallway ahead. I was preoccupied with discovering and remembering the attributes, characteristics, and abilities of the astral body. I started by looking at my hands. This is the first time I had ever looked at my body of light. My hands were shaped normally but they were somewhat translucent and seemed to glow a little. The glow was a soft white. Next question: Can I touch things? Are they solid to me? Yes, indeed they are! I touched the door and wall and was able to feel them just like I would have in my normal body.

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The Dog-Faced Demon

I was about 15 years old when this occurred. I had very little idea what had really happened and how significant it was until much later.

I ‘awoke’ from a dream to find myself standing in the hallway of the two-bedroom apartment that I lived in with my grandmother. It was nighttime and my surroundings were dark, as they should be for that time of night. I remember feeling thirsty and walked down the hallway quite convinced I was fully awake and had risen from bed normally.

As I approached the kitchen at the end of the hall I noticed a tiny flash of red light coming from the living room to my left. For some reason, I felt compelled to investigate the matter. When I walked into the living room I noticed that the cushions had been removed from the couch and piled up on the floor much like a small child making a play fort. Again I saw the two small red flickers coming from inside the pile of cushions. I crouched closer to investigate and a small dog-demon like creature (that’s about the best I can do to describe it) jumped out at me gnarling its teeth and clearly intent to kill.

I jumped back at first but then I got a burst of courage. I decided at that moment that I wasn’t going to let this thing scare me and I wasn’t going down without a fight.

“Fuck this little dog-faced demon!”

With that, I proceeded to chase it down the hall where it disappeared into the wall. Just as I was thinking how odd the whole thing was, I awoke, for real this time, in a cold sweat.

The Man Outside My Window

I had recently broken up with my girlfriend of seven years and was in the Apophis phase of my life. All that I was had disintegrated and I was trying to piece myself back together.

I “awoke” from a dream to find myself standing in my bedroom. It was dark and everything was as it should be. A couple of things were different this time from the last. When I looked to my right, I could see myself lying on the bed fast asleep. This was my first indicator that something was a bit odd. However, I had done some reading about astral projection and had even made some pitiful attempts at it, so I wasn’t totally shocked.

One thing that was odd was the feelings I had. I felt very depressed and my head was spinning. It was like I was experiencing an exorbitant amount of stress but I didn’t know what it was about. I tried to brush the feeling off and experiment a little bit with my astral body. I looked at things and I remember them seeming a little distorted as if I had on glasses that were the wrong prescription. But it wasn’t very extreme and I could verify that minute details such as pens and papers were in their correct places on the desk. I also observed that I was unable to read any of the papers.

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Going for a Ride

I had a dream one night that I was riding in the back passenger seat of my new girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend’s Ford Explorer. It was dusk and he was driving us somewhere in the country and she was in the passenger seat. I had never seen him before, but in the dream he was a large man (250+ lbs.) with short dark hair. In the dream I was scared because I wasn’t sure what was going on, but there was nothing disturbing about the actions of the other two people in the car. They were both relaxed and almost jovial.

The likelihood of this occurring was extremely small at the time. Neither myself or my girlfriend ever expected him to be civil in my presence since he had a history of ‘unpredictable’ behavior.

I told the aforementioned girlfriend about it the next day and she agreed that scenario was highly unlikely considering the mental state he was in.

I met him for the first time about three weeks later when he came over to move some of his belongings out of the house. He acted like a gentleman. He came back the next day to move some more stuff and even help me move my things in! Later, when I had to return the U-Haul that I had moved my things with, he and my girlfriend followed in his Explorer. I dropped off the truck and went over to the Explorer and put my hand on the rear passenger door…

The scene played out exactly as the dream predicted.

Guide to Astral Projection (2005 version)

[Edit (Nov. 2017) : While I still believe that this essay has merit and is worth reading, the practical model described in this essay is far too simplistic. I am working on a new version of this essay in conjunction with a presentation on a dramatically more elaborate model of the various “worlds” of the Universe-Mind. At a minimum, it will clarify the mechanics of the experience described at the end of this essay and hopefully eliminate any further ambiguity regarding the nature of astral projection experiences.]

The first issue to be ironed out when discussing the topic of astral projection is: What exactly is meant by the term astral projection? How does astral projection relate to out-of-body experiences or just really good visualization? For the purposes of this essay, astral projection will be taken as synonymous with the out-of-body experience. Most things viewed in the astral plane have a direct counterpart in the physical which you could potentially travel to and verify in the waking state. The difference between being somewhere in the astral and being somewhere physically is that the astral may contain things which do not have physical counterparts. Emotions certainly exist in the physical, since their influence can be perceived and even measured, but in the astral, they can manifest as physical things. This is where things get tricky.

But first, let’s take a moment to better define the difference between the physical world and the astral world. The astral world is like an overlay on top of the physical. Things exist in the physical because they first became manifest in the astral. Therefore, everything in the physical has an astral counterpart. Usually, the astral counterpart looks no different from the physical. For example, if you project into your living room from your bedroom, everything in the living room should appear exactly as it does in the physical realm.

The only caveat is that certain items may appear differently if they have absorbed a large amount of energy. This can happen to items over a long period of time in the possession of certain people or through deliberate magical charging. Once a person is adept at astral projection, this can even by a way to verify that an item is charged as intended. Also note that a charged item may even take on a different form in the astral. For example, a twelve-inch charged wand may appear as a five foot long ancient twisted staff. For that matter, it may even be on fire.

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