Drug: LSD (liquid) + Ketamine
Dosage: 5x hits LSD + 100mg Ketamine
Procedure: Ketamine ingested immediately after I began peaking on LSD
Duration: 8 hours of LSD, 1 hour of LSD+K

My mind wandered to the place it usually does: pondering the nature of existence. I communed with the God of Space and he revealed to me the true structure of the Universe. He laid out the fabric of space-time before me as a black plane marked with white grid lines, in the usual manner.

Then he caused the plane to bend at the edges and pull away from the center, causing a tear to form. The edges then wrapped around the back and connected to the edges of that tear. The result was the shape of a doughnut. However, instead of simply being this motionless object, it was in constant motion, as if it were trying to eat itself.

The similarity to Ouroboros was not lost on me. Nor was the metaphor for the birth->death->rebirth cycle of nature. But it was profound in the transcendental applications I hadn’t considered. In particular, reincarnation. That had always been a difficult subject for me historically and this made it clear to me that reincarnation must be reality if transcendentalism itself has any merit. The reason is because we observe reincarnation in many ways in many other planes. It would make no sense for it not to exist…

…for all is as it ever was.

BOOM! That was the revelation of the vision. Incarnation is not a mistake or a “fallen” state. Nor is the incarnate somehow separate from God. All is as it ever was. To claim that a human is somehow fundamentally different from God is like claiming that my left arm is somehow fundamentally different from me. All is as it ever was. We exist because a prism fractures white light into millions of colors and those colors could theoretically be redirected back into pure white light again. All is as it ever was.