When I was first becoming interested in the occult and studying practical magick, one of the biggest questions I had was “What is possible?”

It became one of the driving forces of my early work to determine what things could be done and what couldn’t. To that end, I explored with great interest people’s claims about being able to evoke physical entities that touched, burned, or scarred them. Also, I wanted to cast lightning bolts from my fingers as much as the next guy.

But over time, as I tracked these claims and tried to reproduce their results, I realized that most of those things aren’t possible and a lot of people talk a lot of BS that isn’t true to make themselves sound “powerful” to others. Almost always, this is really just a ploy to sleep with young women and/or men.

At a certain point, one can question what “real” means. Certainly, not all of the things I consider real are things that one could document with a video camera. However, my criteria was that it must be possible to derive a method which multiple people can follow, independently, and achieve similar results. With that criteria, I found several very interesting things to be ‘real’.

There have also been cases where a philosopher has made a seemingly impossible assertion about the nature of the world and/or mind, only to have it later proven correct. One such example can be found in Madame Blavatsky’s seminal work “Isis Unveiled” (1877) where she claimed that it was possible to change the structure of your DNA through meditation. I remember being disheartened when I read that and thinking “…and she was doing so well up to this point”. However, in just a few years’ time, she was vindicated. Recent research into the workings of DNA has shown that many organs in your body do not contain all identical DNA, as was previously believed. In particular, neurons seem to have very different gene patterns from one another and there is evidence to suggest that thoughts can influence the DNA in newly-produced neurons.

Of course, this begs another question: How did she know?!