I had a dream one night that I was riding in the back passenger seat of my new girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend’s Ford Explorer. It was dusk and he was driving us somewhere in the country and she was in the passenger seat. I had never seen him before, but in the dream he was a large man (250+ lbs.) with short dark hair. In the dream I was scared because I wasn’t sure what was going on, but there was nothing disturbing about the actions of the other two people in the car. They were both relaxed and almost jovial.

The likelihood of this occurring was extremely small at the time. Neither myself or my girlfriend ever expected him to be civil in my presence since he had a history of ‘unpredictable’ behavior.

I told the aforementioned girlfriend about it the next day and she agreed that scenario was highly unlikely considering the mental state he was in.

I met him for the first time about three weeks later when he came over to move some of his belongings out of the house. He acted like a gentleman. He came back the next day to move some more stuff and even help me move my things in! Later, when I had to return the U-Haul that I had moved my things with, he and my girlfriend followed in his Explorer. I dropped off the truck and went over to the Explorer and put my hand on the rear passenger door…

The scene played out exactly as the dream predicted.