The Watchers’ Message for 2020 and Beyond

This essay is rather long because there is a need for it to be exhaustive and thorough with regard to the conditions and interpretation of the message. But in order to appease those of you without a lot of time to devote to this, I have italicized any paragraph which is not essential to understanding the message itself. Additionally, in an effort to aid comprehension, I have written all statements which are directly derived from the message (more detail on that later) in red font color. The remaining white text should be assumed to be just my personal commentary, opinion, or conjecture.

I’ve spent much of my time recently puzzling over what caused the dramatic shift in consciousness that most people appear to have experienced within the last couple of months. A few people, myself included, were unaffected by whatever this influence was. So from our perspective it appears that the world has gone insane. That’s not to say that anyone is wrong in terms of their views and/or opinions on how the world should respond to pandemics. It’s just that they are inconsistent with the way that we, as a society, have dealt with similar epidemics in the past. If you feel like an outsider watching the world conduct the largest cosplay event ever conceived, then you know which group you’re in. On the other hand, if you feel that the world is acting perfectly rationally and consistently, then you are among the majority in the former group.

The only thing that seems to differentiate why a person went one way or the other seems to be related to how well-developed their sense of empathy is. Essentially, the capacity for empathy appears to be awakening within everyone. Thus, those who seem unaffected are actually the ones who already had a functioning sense of empathy.

Affected? Affected by what?

I received a message on May 5, 2020 from a set of intelligences I call “The Watchers”. They are also known by some as “The Secret Chiefs”, “The Masters” and many other names according to spiritual and/or cultural tradition. I have been in contact with them intermittently for the last 20 years. Over that time, I have received 3 communications from them, including this one. Please understand that I am not bragging or being pompous by claiming to be a messenger (one among many) for these revered and storied entities. I’m just doing my job and letting you in on everything without holding anything back.

For those who do not know me, it may be worth pointing out that I am not the type to seek out these sorts of experiences. Quite the contrary. I’m a scientist who has a knack for making “paranormal” things suddenly stop happening just by being in the room. While I have had some success with developing certain types of telepathic and spiritual mediumship abilities, I simply find it to be more practical for daily life to leave those things turned off. So in order for any kind of spiritual intelligence to get my attention, it must be loud and bold. In this particular case, one of the Watchers appeared to my girlfriend while in normal waking consciousness to express his frustration that I could not hear him/them. Hopefully, that provides some helpful background material about the character and practices of your messenger.

Note that I cannot provide an exact transcript of the message because they do not speak in language. They are inherently telepathic and can turn on the latent telepathic abilities in humans in order to “hear” them. The first time they “spoke” to me we had to go through a calibration process because they were trying to send information much more quickly than I was able to receive it, much less actually process or understand it. Even at the slowed rate, it’s still much too fast to make any use of on the spot. So they leave me with it and I spend the next week sorting through it all and actually comprehending what is in there. For this reason, I often refer to it as an information download.

Regarding intent and provenance, I can attest that these beings are not malicious at all. However, I wouldn’t exactly call them benevolent either. Their perspective is too far removed from our own for us to be able to fairly assess their integrity or motivations. But who else could have brought about such radical and sudden shift in consciousness? No one in human history has even come close to effecting such radical change on a global scale before and there’s no reason to assume that one person or a small cabal are capable of it now.

They are conducting a magical operation on a global scale to affect a change in the consciousness of humanity.

To set the proper context, I have received no knowledge of anything regarding the COVID-19 virus, it’s origins, or anything else of a medical nature. That’s not what any of this is about. I will say that I feel it’s most likely that The Watchers took advantage of a convenient opportunity to piggy-back their operation onto a suitably scary event as opposed to them actually manifesting the virus. But I can’t say for sure and the answer is probably irrelevant anyway. The point is that the virus is a means to an end.

This emotional event is necessary in order to trigger the intended shift in consciousness.

A shift in consciousness is evidenced by the outpouring of compassion that people are demonstrating for those most susceptible to dying as a result of being infected with COVID-19. When over 80,000 people died from the 2018 flu, it was barely a footnote in most news broadcasts. So, on one hand, our behavior is radically inconsistent. But on the other, we’re demonstrating compassion and empathy on a level never before seen. It may even be that some of us have begun to conceive of humanity as one… a monad. While the worst-case scenario for the virus, in terms of lethality, seems to have been avoided, humanity’s reaction to it is unprecedented.

In the short term – speaking from an American perspective – we are likely to see several social changes in the form of new government programs. Universal (aka. Single Payer) Healthcare and Basic Minimum Income seem like obvious pieces of legislation to pass in the very near future. The fact that I can write such a sentence is shocking considering that it was unfathomable to most Americans before this crisis. That further goes to show that this is having precisely the kind of impact that The Watchers intended for us. While the implementation of various social welfare programs is a great thing, that is just incidental progress along the way to something much bigger.

The actual stated goal of the operation is to merge the physical and astral planes of existence.

In other words, the ‘creatures’ and other characters that can presently only be seen through normal waking eyes by the most gifted and practiced seers or mediums will eventually become plainly visible to everyone. As I have begun to slowly promulgate this message, I have received messages from dozens of people from all over the world reporting that their ability to perceive “the other side” has become dramatically stronger in recent months.

In an attempt to confirm the validity of the message I received, I contacted a couple of friends of mine who are particularly gifted seers to inquire about anything special going on that day or if they had received any messages. What they revealed confirmed my suspicions that what I received was a genuine communication intended for broadcast. However, to be certain I waited a week before writing the first draft of this post in order to observe whether the message remained as crisp in my memory as it did the day of, as would be expected of a genuine communication. It has.

Note: I don’t have their permission to reveal their names… or necessarily their support to reveal this message at all. So I’ll have to make annoyingly frequent use of pronouns to keep this accounting of events anonymous.

Before I get into the details of their experiences, it’s worth noting that the appearance of such messages differs from one person to the next because we each perceive reality through the lenses of our knowledge and experience. So it stands to reason that no two people will perceive the same thing in exactly the same way. This holds true for physical objects as well (e.g. “Isn’t this painting beautiful?”).

Their version of the message came across within the context of their own symbols and cosmology, which happens to be Wiccan. They described it as a “tearing down of the veil between this world and the next”. One of them said that they used to have a little old black and white TV with poor reception in their head that they could watch and sometimes glean information from. Starting about a month ago, their TV is now in 4K Theater Surround Mode! They’ve been having trouble getting overwhelmed with all of the information they’re now receiving. They both mentioned that “soon everyone will have the second sight”.

I don’t know what “soon” exactly means, however. I find it highly unlikely that any such shift in awareness in anything we might consider a “soon” time span would cause anything short of massive panic and destructive behavior. The only way that a change that dramatic can be accomplished without sending the word spiraling into madness must be very slow and methodical. So from The Watchers’ perspective, this shift may be coming “soon”. But on our time scale, think in terms of 2-3 generations (40-60 years) at least.

If you’ve been wondering: When will this virus stuff pass and things return to “normal”? The answer is never. Sure, the virus will pass. But it was just a catalyst for a fundamental shift in human awareness. Even without some bigger goal in mind, just the psychological effect of us having to justify our behavior will result in long-term consequences for the rest of our natural lives. Fortunately for you, this message provides all you need to justify your sudden change in attitude and behavior, so that’s one less thing to wrestle with later in life.

This leaves us with one big lingering question: Why? To put it quite simply, they expressed that they are tired of watching us go through extinction events. There’s simply nothing left for The Watchers to learn from those events.

Hold up…

The clear implication of that statement is that without intervention, we were headed toward an imminent self-imposed mass extinction event and this shift in the collective consciousness was necessary to avoid that fate. They didn’t specify the nature of this event. But we could certainly devise a short list of likely candidates. But does it matter if it’s been averted? Maybe. They weren’t completely clear as to whether the event was conclusively diverted or if it was merely postponed or if they just suspect that this change will be enough to avert the crisis when it comes.

Of course, this also begs the question of what these previous extinction events were. It’s conceivable that this Earth has seen multiple humanoid experiments in its 4.5 billion-year history, especially since modern humans (not including Neanderthals and other protohumans) have only been here for 200,000 years. The only thing we can say about that is that they must not have reached our level of technological “advancement” because we aren’t going around picking up pieces of ancient Styrofoam everywhere. ( For more information, see this article from Popular Mechanics ). Another possibility is that they are referring to micro-extinctions on the level of civilizations, such as the Mayans. Other more “out there” possibilities include the idea that there could be many humanoid experiments being conducted right now on different planets. Or they could be referring to an abstract idea of timelines intersecting across n-dimensional space-time. But they didn’t specify, so you’re free to take your pick or add your own idea.

This brings us to a close. Please note that the message is what it is. I can provide very little other than what has been included here. Thus, each person must decide for themselves whether it is something they are willing and able to accept or not. Also, if you have received any related messages or have anything to add to this narrative, please share your experience in the comments.

Solve et Coagula [LSD + Ketamine]

Drug: LSD (liquid) + Ketamine
Dosage: 5x hits LSD + 100mg Ketamine
Procedure: Ketamine ingested immediately after I began peaking on LSD
Duration: 8 hours of LSD, 1 hour of LSD+K

My mind wandered to the place it usually does: pondering the nature of existence. I communed with the God of Space and he revealed to me the true structure of the Universe. He laid out the fabric of space-time before me as a black plane marked with white grid lines, in the usual manner.

Then he caused the plane to bend at the edges and pull away from the center, causing a tear to form. The edges then wrapped around the back and connected to the edges of that tear. The result was the shape of a doughnut. However, instead of simply being this motionless object, it was in constant motion, as if it were trying to eat itself.

The similarity to Ouroboros was not lost on me. Nor was the metaphor for the birth->death->rebirth cycle of nature. But it was profound in the transcendental applications I hadn’t considered. In particular, reincarnation. That had always been a difficult subject for me historically and this made it clear to me that reincarnation must be reality if transcendentalism itself has any merit. The reason is because we observe reincarnation in many ways in many other planes. It would make no sense for it not to exist…

…for all is as it ever was.

BOOM! That was the revelation of the vision. Incarnation is not a mistake or a “fallen” state. Nor is the incarnate somehow separate from God. All is as it ever was. To claim that a human is somehow fundamentally different from God is like claiming that my left arm is somehow fundamentally different from me. All is as it ever was. We exist because a prism fractures white light into millions of colors and those colors could theoretically be redirected back into pure white light again. All is as it ever was.

The Royal Shields [DMT]

Substance: DMT
Dosage: Unknown. Multiple failed attempts made measuring impossible.
RoA: Smoked
Duration: 17 minutes
Date: The spring of 2012
Environment: Laying in my bed. My wife is monitoring my condition.

To Do: Convert from outline to prose form.


  1. This is my first DMT experience.
  2. DMT is very harsh to smoke. It tastes and smells like burning plastic.
    1. It doesn’t seem to work when vaporized.
    2. Once the smoke coats the throat, it becomes easier to hold it without coughing.
    3. You must hold the smoke for at least 30 seconds in order for it to work.


  1. I am flying as the scene materializes
    1. A large neon pink ball gets closer
    2. It has little windows in the sides
    3. I fly in
  2. It’s a club and there is a dance floor inside
    1. Lights were flashing and the energy was very busy
    2. I felt as if this were some sort of ante-chamber
    3. I looked around for doors or passageways
    4. The only way was up through a passageway in the ceiling
    5. I flew up
  3. I arrived at the end of a long corridor.
    1. Everything had the appearance of an old 8-bit Nintendo video game
    2. The walls are very tall, maybe 30 feet, and comprised of bricks in the same neon pink color.
    3. The floor was sandy and also pink, but more subdued, sandy hue.
    4. The was no ceiling, the sky was a bright blue with just a few wispy clouds.
    5. I proceeded to walk down the corridor.
  4. The corridor opened into a larger room of similar construction with two large shields at the far end.
    1. Each of the shields was set into an alcove cut into the wall.
    2. In front of one of the shields was a book. The book was laying open at a slight angle away from me. The overall dimensions were probably 10’x20′. It was much too large and tall for me to see anything written on it.
    3. As I approached, I realized that the shields had eyes and mouths. They weren’t really shields as much as they were shield-shaped faces which stood more than 30′ high.
    4. The shield-faces were obviously the King and Queen of this realm. The King was positioned behind the book and reading it while the Queen spoke to me. Unfortunately, her voice boomed so dramatically that I couldn’t make out the words.
    5. The King was to my left and the Queen to my right as I faced them.
    6. I got the impression that the Queen was upset, perhaps about my presence, perhaps not.
    7. The King seemed to be watching me by reading the book. I got the sense that the book was like an Akashic record and he was reading the events as they unfolded before him.
    8. At this point, I saw a very large quill emerge and begin to write in the book, moved by some unseen hand.
    9. started to get the distinct impression that I should leave. Perhaps I was on trial and my sentence was being written. I had no rational cause to think this. I just felt it.
    10. I left the room through a corridor to my right and beyond the Queen.
  5. I found myself inside a bird cage suspended from the ceiling of an extremely tall, circular room.
    1. The exact details of how I came to be in the cage are lost to memory.
    2. The room reminded me of a grain silo which might have been converted for use as Dr. Seuss’ art studio.
    3. My cage was suspended at least 30′ from the bottom, which was a lake of *something*.
    4. There was an opening, like an arched doorway, in the opposite wall from which the most beautiful waterfall flowed. The water was translucent and comprised of every color imaginable.
    5. The room was filled with birds and other animals, as well as surreal devices. Everything in the room radiated happiness and joy.
    6. I just sat back and tried to take it all in.
    7. Then I heard (but did not see) the Queen boom: “What is it you came here for?”
    8. Without taking a moment to think about it, I replied, “I want to be more creative.”
    9. The Queen said, “What do you think this is? It looks quite creative to me.”
    10. It’s impossible for me to convey in words how profound this exchange was to me. But in that statement, this external intelligence told me that I am more talented and possess much greater potential than I ever imagined.
    11. I wept.
    12. The cage door opened and I floated out and up, up, up.
    13. The room had no ceiling and I simply began to float away. I floated back to the same position from which I had begun.
  6. Then I began to see the familiar shapes of my bedroom furniture. I looked at the clock. 17 minutes had passed.

The Night I Died [Ketamine]

Drug: Ketamine (s-isomer)
Dosage: 100mg
RoA: Insufflation
Duration: 20 minutes
Date: Spring 2013
Environment: Laying in bed, alone.

It took less than 5 minutes for the K-hole paralysis to set in…

I experienced what I fully believed was my death and crossed over to the other side. Initially, I was confused about how this could happen, then I remembered that I had done K. So I naturally concluded that I must have overdosed and died. Then I began experiencing a sense of fear of what lies beyond and grieving the fact that I will never see my friends and family again. I even recall feeling compassion for their suffering when they learned of my death. It was that real.

Then things got weird.

The grieving process was also surprisingly short as I shed the mortal coil almost as one would a bathrobe. In hindsight, this is because the drug was still taking hold and clearly had plans to go much further. With my mortal body (or what I thought was my body) no longer inhabitable, I existed as only a single point of light floating in the air. I paused to consider my circumstances. I decided that hovering around over streets and buildings didn’t make a lot of sense. Earth is a place for the living, which no longer applies to me.

So I willed myself to rise and flew through the Earth’s atmosphere and into open space. After a short while, I saw what looked like a river of light flowing through the cosmos. As I got closer, I realized that the river was actually comprised entirely of little points of light, just like I was. So I entered the river and began to contemplate the nature of existence.

At one point I wondered how I was feeling about this unexpected turn of events. I didn’t know. It’s not that I was conflicted or felt something that I couldn’t readily quantify, it was because emotions didn’t exist here in the same way they do when incarnate. When I was alive, thoughts and emotions were abstract concepts that “lived” in another plane of existence but were accessible by us to use in determining physical actions on the material plane. Here, any thought or emotion I concentrated on manifested as a physical object that could be manipulated and combined according to rules of physics similar to those in the material world. So I was either outside of the concepts of thought and emotion or I was in the nexus where thoughts are born.

It is this utterly alien state of being which is not subject to constant bombardment by neurochemicals which I personally believe to be the realm of the Ipsissimus. It is also follows why it is unattainable for any length of time while attached to a physical brain.

The entire experience lasted less than 20 minutes, which is considerably shorter than the average 45 minutes that this drug and dosage should have provided. But when it was over, I no longer feared death. It also imparted in me a deep-seated sense of calm regarding the transcendent and eternal nature of my being which I still carry with me some 5 years later.

Closing remarks:

  • I had no tolerance to Ketamine whatsoever when conducting this experiment. So if you use Ketamine on anything like a regular basis, you will need to increase the dosage (probably 2x or 3x).
  • This was not my first K-hole experience. Previous experiences where more similar to what people often describe. This experience happened at a time when I was actively engaged in experiments related to astral projection. I believe this accounts for why the experience took the turn it did in the way that it did.

Visiting Grandma

This experience occurred after I had moved to Dallas at the age of twenty-two. My personal development had advanced greatly and I decided to practice astral projection using the techniques described by Denning and Phillips. I had been practicing daily for about two weeks. The sessions were very frustrating. I was able to leave my body and look around fine, but my mind was split between the two bodies. I couldn’t seem to get it to “snap out” like what I had experienced before.

Like the times before, I was asleep when I felt a strange sensation and then I suddenly landed in a waking state. The experience of projection was easier to remember this time. I assume this was a result of the practice. It took no time for me to realize exactly what was happening.

I found myself in a hallway. I was also in a doorway, but I didn’t look in the room beyond. Instead I was facing on the hallway ahead. I was preoccupied with discovering and remembering the attributes, characteristics, and abilities of the astral body. I started by looking at my hands. This is the first time I had ever looked at my body of light. My hands were shaped normally but they were somewhat translucent and seemed to glow a little. The glow was a soft white. Next question: Can I touch things? Are they solid to me? Yes, indeed they are! I touched the door and wall and was able to feel them just like I would have in my normal body.

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