• Develop the religious philosophy and practical methods of Scientific Illuminism.
  • Promote Scientific Illuminism as both a religious practice and a rational discipline.
  • Create and disseminate educational materials related to the study and practice of Scientific Illuminism.
  • Establish places of study and worship as well as other facilities as necessary to support and promote the work of Scientific Illuminism.

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Current Projects

  • Develop a series of videos – targeting people unfamiliar with scientific illuminism – that present a reliable and rational introduction to the subject in a manner that is both relatable and pragmatic.
  • Continue to develop essays on all areas of interest related to spirituality, society, and relationships.
  • Explore ways of driving more revenue for the organization through workshops, merchandise sales, and affiliate marketing.

Future Projects Under Consideration

  • Conduct interviews with respected leaders in the philosophical community.
  • Host live Q&A with the audience.
  • Publish a book which serves as a companion guide to the video series.
  • If there is sufficient interest, establish a clergy and perform various rites for the public (e.g. marriage, funeral, baptism, etc).
  • Provide individual tutoring services for helping people to achieve specific goals. Note, however, that we will never establish a “mystery school” or require people to submit to a hierarchical power structure of any kind.
  • If we are fortunate enough to receive considerable contributions, then we would love to establish a monastery for monks who would spend their time in study and creating more niche videos and other educational materials.


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