Substance: DMT
Dosage: Unknown. Multiple failed attempts made measuring impossible.
RoA: Smoked
Duration: 17 minutes
Date: The spring of 2012
Environment: Laying in my bed. My wife is monitoring my condition.

To Do: Convert from outline to prose form.


  1. This is my first DMT experience.
  2. DMT is very harsh to smoke. It tastes and smells like burning plastic.
    1. It doesn’t seem to work when vaporized.
    2. Once the smoke coats the throat, it becomes easier to hold it without coughing.
    3. You must hold the smoke for at least 30 seconds in order for it to work.


  1. I am flying as the scene materializes
    1. A large neon pink ball gets closer
    2. It has little windows in the sides
    3. I fly in
  2. It’s a club and there is a dance floor inside
    1. Lights were flashing and the energy was very busy
    2. I felt as if this were some sort of ante-chamber
    3. I looked around for doors or passageways
    4. The only way was up through a passageway in the ceiling
    5. I flew up
  3. I arrived at the end of a long corridor.
    1. Everything had the appearance of an old 8-bit Nintendo video game
    2. The walls are very tall, maybe 30 feet, and comprised of bricks in the same neon pink color.
    3. The floor was sandy and also pink, but more subdued, sandy hue.
    4. The was no ceiling, the sky was a bright blue with just a few wispy clouds.
    5. I proceeded to walk down the corridor.
  4. The corridor opened into a larger room of similar construction with two large shields at the far end.
    1. Each of the shields was set into an alcove cut into the wall.
    2. In front of one of the shields was a book. The book was laying open at a slight angle away from me. The overall dimensions were probably 10’x20′. It was much too large and tall for me to see anything written on it.
    3. As I approached, I realized that the shields had eyes and mouths. They weren’t really shields as much as they were shield-shaped faces which stood more than 30′ high.
    4. The shield-faces were obviously the King and Queen of this realm. The King was positioned behind the book and reading it while the Queen spoke to me. Unfortunately, her voice boomed so dramatically that I couldn’t make out the words.
    5. The King was to my left and the Queen to my right as I faced them.
    6. I got the impression that the Queen was upset, perhaps about my presence, perhaps not.
    7. The King seemed to be watching me by reading the book. I got the sense that the book was like an Akashic record and he was reading the events as they unfolded before him.
    8. At this point, I saw a very large quill emerge and begin to write in the book, moved by some unseen hand.
    9. started to get the distinct impression that I should leave. Perhaps I was on trial and my sentence was being written. I had no rational cause to think this. I just felt it.
    10. I left the room through a corridor to my right and beyond the Queen.
  5. I found myself inside a bird cage suspended from the ceiling of an extremely tall, circular room.
    1. The exact details of how I came to be in the cage are lost to memory.
    2. The room reminded me of a grain silo which might have been converted for use as Dr. Seuss’ art studio.
    3. My cage was suspended at least 30′ from the bottom, which was a lake of *something*.
    4. There was an opening, like an arched doorway, in the opposite wall from which the most beautiful waterfall flowed. The water was translucent and comprised of every color imaginable.
    5. The room was filled with birds and other animals, as well as surreal devices. Everything in the room radiated happiness and joy.
    6. I just sat back and tried to take it all in.
    7. Then I heard (but did not see) the Queen boom: “What is it you came here for?”
    8. Without taking a moment to think about it, I replied, “I want to be more creative.”
    9. The Queen said, “What do you think this is? It looks quite creative to me.”
    10. It’s impossible for me to convey in words how profound this exchange was to me. But in that statement, this external intelligence told me that I am more talented and possess much greater potential than I ever imagined.
    11. I wept.
    12. The cage door opened and I floated out and up, up, up.
    13. The room had no ceiling and I simply began to float away. I floated back to the same position from which I had begun.
  6. Then I began to see the familiar shapes of my bedroom furniture. I looked at the clock. 17 minutes had passed.