1. Achieving K&C is the only appropriate Will to have until that operation is complete. All else is prerequisite work toward that single-minded goal.
  2. “What my ego wants to achieve” should probably read “what my ego + HGA agree to achieve” (but that didn’t fit in the box).
  3. Many people assume that whatever you come up with in conjunction with your HGA will be your Will, but that is not always the case. Some Adepts come straight out the gate wanting to do anything they can to improve the living conditions on this plane of existence. But many others decide to instead focus the work either inwards or on amassing a large personal power reserve. The difference is whether you decide to start disavowing the ego at this time or whether you decide to double-down and fortify it. I recommend the former. The latter is a surefire way to become a “black brother”.
  4. While everyone’s Will is unique and no other person can say what exactly your Will is, it can’t be just anything. There are certain parameters it must fall within in order to logically avoid conflicts between people who are honestly doing their Wills.
  5. The general characterization of the Will as being something one does to benefit the world outside themselves is rooted in certain mysteries of the Supernals. But these mysteries are reflected in our understanding of the Monad and of the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence (5=6). Since there is ultimately no distinction between any thing and any other thing, improving the world is the ultimate initiatory act (aimed at improving oneself).