Guide to Astral Projection (2005 version)

[Edit (Nov. 2017) : While I still believe that this essay has merit and is worth reading, the practical model described in this essay is far too simplistic. I am working on a new version of this essay in conjunction with a presentation on a dramatically more elaborate model of the various “worlds” of the Universe-Mind. At a minimum, it will clarify the mechanics of the experience described at the end of this essay and hopefully eliminate any further ambiguity regarding the nature of astral projection experiences.]

The first issue to be ironed out when discussing the topic of astral projection is: What exactly is meant by the term astral projection? How does astral projection relate to out-of-body experiences or just really good visualization? For the purposes of this essay, astral projection will be taken as synonymous with the out-of-body experience. Most things viewed in the astral plane have a direct counterpart in the physical which you could potentially travel to and verify in the waking state. The difference between being somewhere in the astral and being somewhere physically is that the astral may contain things which do not have physical counterparts. Emotions certainly exist in the physical, since their influence can be perceived and even measured, but in the astral, they can manifest as physical things. This is where things get tricky.

But first, let’s take a moment to better define the difference between the physical world and the astral world. The astral world is like an overlay on top of the physical. Things exist in the physical because they first became manifest in the astral. Therefore, everything in the physical has an astral counterpart. Usually, the astral counterpart looks no different from the physical. For example, if you project into your living room from your bedroom, everything in the living room should appear exactly as it does in the physical realm.

The only caveat is that certain items may appear differently if they have absorbed a large amount of energy. This can happen to items over a long period of time in the possession of certain people or through deliberate magical charging. Once a person is adept at astral projection, this can even by a way to verify that an item is charged as intended. Also note that a charged item may even take on a different form in the astral. For example, a twelve-inch charged wand may appear as a five foot long ancient twisted staff. For that matter, it may even be on fire.

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