Scientific Illuminism Institute, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the use of scientific methods to deconstruct and quantify religious experience in order to gain a deeper understanding and experience of the spiritual aspect of human nature.


  • Development of the religious philosophy and devotional methods of Scientific Illuminism.
  • Promotion of Scientific Illuminism as religious practice.
  • Creation and dissemination of educational materials related to the study and practice of Scientific Illuminism.
  • Establishment of places of study and worship as well as other facilities as necessary to support and promote the work of Scientific Illuminism.


Coming Soon

Current Project

  • Develop a series of short videos (<15 minutes each) targeting people with very little knowledge of the subject and providing a reliable introduction to occult studies.
  • These videos will guide the viewer through the process of understanding the context of classical occult teaching as well as how to develop their own personal cosmology.
  • Lastly, the scope of the videos is intended to take the viewer through everything they need to know and do to self-initiate to a grade equivalent to the Adeptus Minor in G.’.D.’. or A.’.A.’.

Social Media

Possible Future Projects

  • Develop a set of companion videos that guide the viewer through the active work of ceremonial magical practice.
  • Develop specialized videos covering niche subjects in a more academic manner. But always from the perspective of the cosmology defined in the introductory video series. These videos will probably be hosted on Patreon.
  • Conduct interviews with respected leaders in the occult community.
  • Host live Q&A with the audience.
  • A book will probably be published eventually which would serve as a companion guide to the video series.
  • If there is enough interest from qualified people who wish to be teachers, we may organize in-person classes.
  • If there is sufficient interest, we may establish a clergy and perform various rites for the public (e.g. marriage, funeral, baptism, etc). We also may provide individual tutoring services for helping people to achieve specific goals.
  • If we are fortunate enough to receive considerable contributions, then we would most likely establish a monastery for occult monks who would spend their time in study and creating more niche videos.